Jul 14, 2017

Bathroom Design Showcase: Ar. Prashant Chauhan (Founder – ZERO9)

In the first of a series of ‘Bathroom Design Showcase’ articles, we present two bathrooms brilliantly designed by Ar. Prashant Chauhan, founder of Zero 9. His elegant designs are sophisticated templates for modern bathrooms in space-starved Mumbai.

Ar. Prashant Chauhan gives us an insight into his design philosophy and presents some bathroom design tips:

Can you tell us a bit about you, and what led you into architecture/interior design?
More than a decade ago, I used to watch the process of space transformation from a drawing. This process was so exciting, it was almost like a game where we could define what space we would want for ourselves. This was the main motivation towards taking up architecture.

What is your design philosophy? What are you most passionate about?
Simplicity rules. I am most passionate about learning something new.

What trends are you seeing in bathroom designs?
Bathrooms earlier used to be functional spaces which would never be a highlight of the home. Now, bathrooms have become a statement of one’s lifestyle. People love to spend more and more time in bathrooms with the best of luxury fixtures available. Bathrooms are now seen as personal havens.

Can you explain the creative aspects of your design process? Tell us about any aspect or element which you always put into your design?
Every space is different and every client has a different perspective towards his or her space. These perspectives need to be uniquely and carefully addressed space by space, wall by wall.

How did you come up with the design for the featured bathrooms?

Aquant-Bathroom-Design-by-Zero9-2(Featured Aquant Wash Basin – 1726)

This bathroom was designed as a simple, ‘zen’ style bathroom with G4 stone enveloping the walls, while the floor has a brown tile. The mirror has been maximized to increase reflection and visually enhance this small space.
Design features (big or small) which make this bathroom look best: Simplicity

(Featured Aquant Wash Basin – 1727)

In this bathroom, Armani brown marble with an inlay has been utilized to create an opulent look.
Design features (big or small) which make this bathroom look best: Opulence

What advice do you have for other consumers looking to renovate their bathroom spaces over the coming year?
Unclutter. Simplify the functions and see how the space transforms into a most sought after ‘personal space’.

Share one piece of advice to the upcoming architect or designer.
Innovate to inspire. Raise the bar for other designers and clients to look up to design as a medium to communicate your own individual taste rather than copying from a source and adapting from someone else’s signature space.

What’s the best way for people to contact you and your firm?
Mobile/WhatsApp: +91 9619656709


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