Oct 21, 2016

Bathroom Ideas: 5 Different Types of Showers

After a long day of work, one of the things that you really look forward to is a long and relaxing shower. Having a shower is like a cleansing ritual that allows you to eliminate all the dirt and negativity that you accumulated throughout the day. It is an act of rejuvenation and what complements it is a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shower.
Here are 5 different types of showers, each of which provides a unique shower experience:

1. Concealed Showers

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing types of showers, concealed showers are a great choice when looking for something different for your bathroom design. As the name suggests, concealed showers are not immediately visible and suit the minimal design theme to a tee. Concealed showers are also great in space saving designs and allow you to make optimum use of shower-area floor space.
This type of shower is mounted from the ceiling which gives it the ability to provide great flow coverage.  In terms of types of water flow, most concealed showers have 4 variation of flows: rain, waterfall, revolve and mist. This gives you a lot of choices on how you want the water to flow on your body.
You can go a little further when it comes to design and opt to install concealed showers which have in-built LED lighting to further enhance the relaxing mood the water flow provides. The LED lights can be programmed to change colors at set time intervals.

2. Exposed Rain Showers

Most people find the rain to be truly relaxing to look at and to feel.  Many have had memorable experiences walking or even playing in the rain. When you do it outside the house, however, you have to worry about your wet clothes.  Fortunately for most homeowners today, the wind and the rain can be recreated in home bathrooms. Exposed rain showers are a great way to experience the soothing feeling of standing in the rain minus the hassle of clothes and personal items getting wet. The chance to enjoy such a refreshing feeling whenever you want to and in the comfort of your own home can be priceless for many.
There are different variations of rain showers.  Take the Air Effect Rain Shower for example. This type of rain shower combines air and water to produce the most natural emulation of rain. The presence of air disrupts the continuous flow of water to produce their version of raindrops.The raining effect of these showers is also directly related to the size of the shower head. Opting for a wider shower head will give a more realistic rain experience.  No matter which choice you make, rain showers will give you a refreshing shower experience.


3. Body Showers

A lot of people, at least once in their lives, have wondered how it will feel to go through a car wash without a car.  That’s what having a body shower is like.  You can walk into the shower and have water sprayed on your body from different directions. Body showers are designed to spray water onto your body to help you relax your mind, body, and spirit. This type of shower has different variations of water flow which are normal, massage, and mist. However, the most interesting setting is the massage water flow. The massage water flow setting is the go-to setting if you really want to relax after a long day at work.  Your home shower becomes your own personal hydrotherapy room with the various body jets that you can install in your shower system.


4. Waterfall Showers

This is one of the most unorthodox types of shower.  Waterfall showers emulate, as the name suggests, waterfalls. Once you see and experience the magic of waterfall showers, there is nothing that can top it in terms of bathing experience.Your body is so used to taking showers that are under thin sprays or drops of water.  Going under a waterfall shower and feeling the heavy rush of water can become a fascinating experience.  You can feel the stress and exhaustion get washed away by waves upon waves of streaming water. It is really an experience like no other.

Waterfall Showers by Aquant

5. Basic ABS Showers

If you are just looking for a simple yet effective shower system, you can consider ABS Showers. Most shower types such as rain showers have variants that are made with ABS. These are the least expensive options since ABS is a plastic material which is much cheaper than Stainless Steel or Brass. ABS showers also have variants with multiple massage flows which provide great bathing experiences.


Choosing a shower head that best suits your need and personality is an experience in itself. With options like the ones mentioned above, you can have very varied experiences with each of the shower head types. When looking for a place to buy your shower head and other bathroom fixtures, you need to make sure that you choose a reputable showroom that carries a wide variety of products. Some showrooms offer ‘live-displays’ of products to allow you to clearly visualize how the shower system will function in your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to consult with experts to find the best shower for your home.  Also, there are various online resources where you can get tips on designing bathrooms.  You can get bathroom design ideas from articles and photographs posted in various home improvement sites and at the Aquant online gallery.


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