Jul 29, 2017

Body Jets & their Therapeutic Effects on the Body

A well-designed shower system at home is the ultimate luxury experience. It invigorates your body in the morning, ensuring that you are ready to face the day feeling vibrant and energetic.
An emerging trend in shower system conceptualization is the addition of body jets, which offer a host of therapeutic benefits.

What is a Body Jet Shower System?
A shower system which includes body jets has several shower heads installed in the wall of your bathroom. Water coming from the wall-mounted shower heads “jets” out and is sprayed onto a person. Due to its spraying feature it is also referred to as ‘the body spray shower system’.

(Dual-Flow Body Jet Code. 1451)

The water sprayed onto a person varies in strength and volume, and can be adjusted to suit individual needs. This provides many benefits to the body.

How Body Jets help your body
One of the main benefits of a body jet shower system is that it helps invoke the benefits of hydrotherapy. It produces various effects that benefit the body in different ways.

1. Relief from muscle pain and relaxing effect:
Since the water jets can be positioned individually and are adjustable, they can be targeted at specific muscle groups of the body to soothe and massage specific areas, thus providing effective relief from muscle pain. As well, since flowing water has a soothing effect, being targeted by body jets helps your body release endorphins which act as natural pain reliever.

Aquant-1477-Body-Shower-6(Brass Body Shower Code. 1477)

2. Heal and Rehabilitate injured muscles:
Those with an active lifestyle are prone to muscle injuries, and hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to rehabilitate injured muscles. Warm jet sprays help increase body temperature, thus improving blood circulation. This in turn ensures that more blood reaches the injured and sore muscles, allowing them to heal faster. As well, the adjustable nature of body jets allows for controlling the direction as well as the flow of the water spray. This makes body jets an excellent massage tool.

(Three-Function Body Jet Code. 1485)

3. Pressure Point Relief:
There are numerous pressure points in our body, and some of these are extremely effective in relieving stress and pain. Body jets are an excellent way to stimulate these pressure points to not only get some long-lasting relief from pain, but also to de-stress.

Aquant 1451-2(Dual-Flow Body Jet Code. 1451)

4. Refresh after a long day:
Body jets can help you refresh after a long day of work. The targeted jets can be positioned to spray warm/cold water onto your tired and sore muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Back pain is a common complaint after a long day of work. Body jets are the best solution to your back pain. Just turn them on, position them right and enjoy the warm and soothing spray. It will not only provide instant relief for your backache, but also save you the trouble of going to a masseur for a back massage!

(ABS Body Shower Code. 1499)

How should Body Jets/Body Showers be installed?

(Typical 4-Body Jet Installation)

It is important to make the distinction between Body Showers and Body Jets. Body Showers typically come in larger sizes of 4” x 4”, and are more suited to quickly covering the body the body with water, offering a ‘softer flow’ when compared to Body Jets, which typically come in sizes of 2” x 2” and offer stronger flows. We recommend installing 4 Body Showers at a top height of 52” and bottom height of 35”. The centers of the body jets which are in a single row should be 14” apart. We do not recommend installing more than 4 Body Showers, since they consume more water than Body Jets, affecting flow rate.

(Typical 6-Body Jet Installation)

Six or four Body Jets can be installed as showed in the diagrams. Installing six Body Jets ensures that more muscle groups and pain points are targeted. Ultimately, the heights at which body jets or body showers should be installed is a matter of personal preference. These diagrams act only as guidelines. Click here to view our complete reference guide to installing showering solutions.

(Typical Body Shower Installation)

We strongly recommend incorporating body jets into your shower concepts. At Aquant, we have a wide range of Body Jets and Body Showers at hard-to-beat prices. Trust us, your body will thank you!


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