Jun 28, 2017

Design Ideas: Add Perfection to Bathrooms & Powder Rooms with Unique Faucet Designs

Perfection is defined by details. From the texture of the largest wall – to the curve of the simplest handle, everything is thought of when creating the perfect home or establishment. In today’s rapidly evolving architecture, however, with experts continuously creating new and unique designs, finding the perfect details has become a challenge.
This is where Aquant comes in. Our priority is to keep up with the constantly changing trends. We provide contemporary designs even for the most basic parts of the bathroom, and basin mixers are no exemption. The following are three uniquely designed faucet ranges:

1. Cascade Series
The shape and material of the faucet aren’t the only factors that can define beauty. How water flows through it adds to the overall grandeur of bathrooms. Among all types, the Cascade Series showcases the earthliest of flows.
As its name suggests, this type of basin mixer streams water in the form of a waterfall, and it is available in both short and tall bodies. It captures the essence of a bamboo faucet – its spout top half cropped, revealing the magnificent flow of water which mimics the shape of waterfalls.

The Cascade Series makes a perfect addition to homes and establishments that promote peace and wellness. The organic flow of water, and the sound that will emanate from this, will make your abode feel like a slice of nature.

2. Circa Series
This other set of uniquely shaped basin mixers looks as if it had come from a sci-fi movie. The Circa Series carries an iconic halo for its spout. And interestingly, its lever looks like an analog stick.
Spaces exhibiting futurism will find this type of basin mixer as the perfect complement. Also bathrooms designed with a round theme (i.e. round bathtubs, cylindrical shower stalls and basins, etc.) will find this to be a perfect fit. Its halo of a spout will be the point of intrigue among users.

3. Curve Series
Those who prefer something in between minimalist and unique will find the Curve Series highly interesting. This basin mixer looks like an elegantly bent sheet of chrome metal, with its lever looking like an equally elegant tiny chrome metal rod.
For bathrooms that are designed as an interplay of shapes (i.e round basin, angular mirror, hammock shaped bathtub, etc), this basin mixer will be the perfect addition.

Any kind of basin mixer can be installed in any kind of bathroom – that much is true. It wouldn’t matter that much since it is a fixture that barely gets any attention. Aiming for perfection, however, can turn this indifference into interest, and it is the small details that capture’s one’s attention and bring about a sense of perfection.


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