Oct 08, 2016

Bathroom Design: Latest Trends

Though its size may not amount to much compared to the rest of the house, the bathroom is a space that provides comfort and relaxation unlike any other place inside the home. This is why interior designers and architects are placing emphasis on designing functional and stylish bathrooms.

The latest trends in bathrooms and sanitary ware have a lot to do with minimalist design and bathroom fixtures styled with slim edges. People can’t help fall in love with these styles because of their simplicity and versatility. Have a closer look at what these two concepts are really like and see how you can incorporate these designs into your own bathrooms with sanitary ware from Aquant.

Minimalist Design

When you think of minimalism, you would normally equate the design with barely there furniture, open and practically unembellished rooms, and statement pieces. All these elements and descriptions definitely spell minimalist. In sanitary ware design, when you say minimalist, you think of bathroom fixtures designed with clean lines, furniture that doesn’t make the room look cluttered, and design elements that make the room feel serene and relaxing.

The “less is more” principle applies to any minimalist designed room. Minimalist bathroom fixtures are made with this philosophy in mind. Sanitary ware pieces with this type of design are usually eye-catching but never over the top. They normally provide a touch of color or an element of surprise to an otherwise simple and neutral bathroom.
Here are some elements that characterize minimalist design:

1. Statement Pieces
You can use one statement piece that will stand-out from the rest of the design inside your bathroom. You can place a marble wash basin like the Marvel Marble Basin in a bathroom where everything is painted white or you can have an eye-catching teal colored ceramic wash basin in a bathroom that’s painted and furnished in neutral colored fixtures.

Aquant 9025 Onyx Pedestal Wash Basin

Statement pieces can also be something interesting like a great piece of art, a textured wall design, or a piece of furniture painted in a bold color. If your bathroom has a statement piece like a beautifully designed mirror, the rest of the sanitary ware around the mirror should not take the focus away from it. Make your statement piece standout more by keeping everything else inside the bathroom simple.

2. Pure Design Elements
Sanitary ware pieces with minimalist features are designed with pureness and clean design in mind. These products don’t usually have jagged or uneven edges. They are made with clean lines that invite a feeling of warmth and harmony. You won’t find clashing colors or clashing designs within a minimalist bathroom.

3. Space
Sanitary ware specifically made for minimalist designed bathrooms is created to give the room an airy and open feeling. These wash basins and toilets are not bulky and never take up much space. The idea is to give people space to move around.

4. Restraint
There is beauty in restraint. If you want to keep with the minimalist design, resist the urge to place a lot of different design elements inside your bathroom.The room should not have too many fixtures and walls and floors should not be designed with busy prints or textures. A pop of color should be enough. There should only be one key piece or key element that stands out from the rest, like a Red Resin Basin in a black and white bathroom.

5. High Quality Pieces
Minimalist doesn’t mean inexpensive, quite the opposite actually. Some of the most standout pieces used in minimalist bathrooms are also the most expensive. Some are even made to order and are considered one of a kind. An example of a high quality piece is the Sophia Marble Pedestal Basin.

Slim Edged Sanitary ware

There used to be a time when sanitary ware was made with thick edges – so thick that you can place a glass of wine at the edge of your bathtub and it won’t fall. Wash basins and toilets were made with thick edges which made them look bulky and take up a lot of space. Those days are over. Bulky sanitary ware is out and slim edged sanitary ware is in.

Slim edged sanitary ware fits perfectly in minimalist designed bathrooms. As the name suggests the edges of these types of sanitary ware are very thin. The thin edge adds a feel of luxury and makes sanitary ware look dainty and delicate. Such sanitary ware also makes the bathroom look spacious and neat. Using slim edged sanitary ware makes the bathroom look less cluttered and provides an illusion of space, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

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