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Toilet Fittings

Looking for new toilet fittings? Have you decided on what type of fitting you would like? Are you looking for a one-piece or two-piece design? Should your toilet be wall or floor mounted? What about the seat cover material? And water saving features? These are just some questions which arise while selecting a toilet which fulfills the requirements of your bathroom, and can make the process of product selection seem confusing.  You need to carefully research and buy only the best product to ensure comfort and ease when using it for your daily ablations.

All Aquant toilets come with a soft-falling seat cover made with the highest quality PVC or Duroplast material. This ensures durability and ease of cleaning. The innovative materials also make seat-covers stain and moisture resistant, thus maintaining hygiene and making them low-maintenance. Duroplast seat covers are premium and highly scratch resistant.

You should also focus on the design of a toilet’s flushing system. We offer dual flushing system toilets. These not only make for clog-free operations but also enable considerable water-saving, thus making them minimal maintenance and economical.

You can also choose from a one-piece or two-piece toilet. The difference between them is the design of the flush tank. In a one-piece toilet, the flush tank is integrated with the cistern lending to a sleek and modern look. Whereas in two-piece toilets, the cistern is designed separately from the flush tank. This is a more traditional design and has its own charm. The popular choice among city-dwellers is wall-mounted toilets used in conjunction with a flush tank which is concealed in the wall. Such wall hung toilets provide a clear spatial solution and offer opportunities to easily clean the space below the toilet.

Whatever be your choice, you can rest assured that when you buy your toilet fittings from Aquant, you will receive only the best of the best in terms of both quality, and design.