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If you’re looking at installing a rain shower in your bathroom, there are various factors to consider in addition to an optimum rain shower price.

One such factor is the size of the rain shower. The size of a showerhead is proportional to the pleasure experienced under the rain shower. The bigger the rain shower, the greater will be the rain experience. A more effective water distribution is achieved with equivalent water consumption, enveloping the entire body with water. The variety of rain shower sizes available with Aquant grows up to an impressive shower of 500 mm, which lays the foundations of an entirely new product category.

Another factor is product material. Aquant’s rain shower collection features products made of high-quality Brass, which is relatively expensive compared to rain showers made of Stainless Steel or ABS. Brass showers are available in larger sizes compared to Stainless Steel showers or ABS showers, since they are capable of withstanding higher levels of water pressure.

Product maintenance and reliability are perhaps the most critical factors to be considered while deciding to purchase rain showers. Rain showers by Aquant have ‘Rub-It Clean’ flexible silicon nozzles. You can dislodge mineral buildup in the nozzles by simply massaging each nozzle with your finger, making the rain shower very easy to maintain. Aquant is so confident about the product’s reliability that its Brass rain showers carry a warranty of 10-years, which exceeds industry standards. Stainless Steel rain showers and ABS rain showers come with a 2-year warranty.

Aquant’s product collection comprises of a wide variety of economically priced rain showers, ensuring you can find something to suit your tastes and match your bathroom design. The following are the types rain showers you can choose from:

  • ABS rain showers
  • Round and square rain showers (with Air-Effect)
  • Round and square rain showers (Stainless Steel)
  • Round and oval rain showers (Brass)
  • Square and rectangle rain showers (Brass)