Brass Sink Mixer with RO Connection

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This sink mixer is state of the art design and workmanship. The faucet has a unique 3 way inlet system: a separate line allows for your filtered water to be selected without interfering with the regular hot and cold water, giving you the choice between hot & cold water from your mains, and cold & ambient fresh filtered water from your filtration system.
This faucet will add elegance, functionality and performance to your kitchen.
Three Inlets: 1) Hot Water 2) Cold Water & 3) Filtered Water from Filtration System (ex. Aquaguard, Kent RO, etc)
Separate line and control for Filtered water.
Ideally used with under-counter filtration systems available in all major RO brands.
Space-Saving solution: Utilize unused space under the kitchen sink by installating under-counter filtration systems.


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