Multi-Function Thermostatic Diverter with 6-Outlets (High Flow)

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Thanks to innovative technology with Aquant Thermostatic Diverters, you can enjoy water at a constant temperature, providing reliable protection against scorching hot surprises, offering comfort and safety to everyone, from the first to the last drop, and only at the flowrate you like. This is the basis of an excellent shower.

  • Concealed High-Flow Thermostatic Diverter with control-unit for 6 outlets.
  • European-made High-Capacity Thermostatic Cartridge.
  • Body made of High Quality Brass.
  • 20 mm (3/4″)┬áconnections provide a higher flow rate.
  • Six outlet connections.
  • Flexibility to operate two outlets simultaneously.
  • Water-flow capacity at 5 bar pressure is 40 litres/minute.
  • Delivers enough water to run a Shower head and Body Jets at the same time at 5 bar pressure.


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