Sep 24, 2016

5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Bathrooms

In any home, bathrooms are mostly meant to be a space for relaxation and pampering. These are the reasons why people want to maximize the space they have in their bathrooms. However, if there is a limitation in terms of available space, bathrooms are also the first ones to be compromised. The second most relaxing room in a house, second only to the bedroom, is taking a hit when it comes to space limitations. Fortunately, there are innovations at Aquant to answer the need for great designs for a small bathroom. Most of these designs are meant to save space.

Saving space does not necessarily mean that you need to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of your small bathroom. Even if it is a smaller bathroom, you can still go all out with the design. It is just a matter of choosing the right decorations, showers, and sink. The main focus here is on two things: functionality and design. You need to make every single corner in that bathroom count. Every single part of it must be compact and promote a minimalistic design.

1. Practical Choices

Once you start designing your bathroom, you need to prioritize functionality. You need to choose the shower and sink that best suit your space and needs. Everything in your bathroom must be easily accessible, yet not look too cramped. For instance, you can choose to have cabinets under your sink to put things that are not commonly used. This saves you a lot of space and eliminates clutter. Also, there are a variety of space-saving wash basins which can be wall-mounted or mounted on corners of bathrooms. Wall-mounted wash basins provide an aura of minimalism to a small bathroom.
One thing that you can definitely avoid is a bath tub. Bath tubs are great to have if your bathroom can accommodate it. However, small bathrooms have no business including a bath tub. You can instead opt to create a ‘wet shower-area’ within the bathroom using glass partitions. Consider the Allure shower panel for that Jacuzzi feel without the tub.

2. The Illusion of Space

Another design idea that is picking up in popularity is the use of glass doors for the shower area. While having more actual space is the main goal in these designs, there is no harm in using an optical illusion for the room to look more spacious. The use of glass has such an effect. The illusion of having more space helps minimize the crammed feeling of being in a small room. This material is also a great choice for minimalist designs.
Mirrors are also great in bathroom designs that aim for a functional yet spacious look. Just like glass, mirrors are also used in making the room brighter even with minimal lighting. When you put shelving behind your mirrors, you will not have clutter on your sink counter.

3. Storage & Counter tops

Bathroom shelves and cabinets do not need to take up a lot of space. You can have some of your bathroom walls hollowed out so that you can put your shelves and cabinets into the wall itself. It is an innovative idea that can save you a lot of space. You should always remember that your walls are like blank canvasses. They are not meant to be left empty. Make use of your empty walls and always think of their potential functions. If utilized properly, you are looking at a few cubic feet of additional space.
When it comes to sinks, there is a trick you can use to gain a few more feet of space. Most bathrooms have a square or rectangle shape sink and counter combo. Although this combination is already a space saver, you can actually go a bit further. Going for a rounded countertop is a better choice for smaller bathrooms. It adds more maneuverability and creates a smoother look. Since it is not that common, it also makes your bathroom a bit more unique.
Another great space saving option is the Centaur Onyx Pedestal Basin that tapers off at the bottom to give you a little bit more space for your feet and legs.

4. Choice of Colour

Tile and paint choices can also help to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Brighter colors can help brighten up the bathroom. A brighter bathroom can give a more relaxing and open feel. That is what you aim for in a bathroom – a serene and relaxing sanctuary.

5. Utilize every Nook & Cranny

The corners of your bathroom hold a lot of potential. You can even install the toilet diagonally in a corner to provide more floor space for movement.  You can also install corner shelves and cabinets to maximize your use of the small space.
Another space saving idea is to make use of wall mounted toilets.  Such options save you a lot of space since they do not have to be rooted to the floor. Wall-mounted toilets come in various sizes and shapes, and are used in combination with wall-concealed flush tanks, which further help maximize free space in the bathroom. The space over the toilets can also be utilized for hanging shelves or displaying small decorative pieces. However, you have to choose your decorative elements carefully to avoid the feeling of crowding.  Look for those that make the space seem to be just the right size.

The number one trick to keep a tiny bathroom spacious is to always keep it tidy. If there is no clutter, everything will look clean and spacious.  The less items the eyes see, the more spacious the bathroom appears to be.

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