Enhance your wellness & eliminate body-pain by designing a bathroom which is your very own personal spa.


Water therapy remedies known as Hydrotherapy is the use of water for health purposes. From Roman baths to Turkish hamams, cultures around the world have used water for centuries to treat a variety of health concerns.

We at Aquant want to integrate the benefits of Hydrotherapy into everyday life. Every bathroom should be a personal spa retreat. Every shower should be an act of rejuvenation.

We have developed various products such as Multi-Function Showers & Body Jets in our collection to achieve our objective of introducing spa systems in bathrooms, no matter what the budget.


Reduce Pain: Hydrotherapy is a natural method of relieving pain. A shower system that incorporates Multi-Function Showers & Body Jets helps loosen and activate muscles in the back, neck & shoulders, thereby reducing stress and relaxing the body.

Muscle Recovery: Body Jets can be used to target specific muscle groups which help increase mobility and assists in faster healing of muscles throughout the body to ensure peak performance. Perfect for those with an active lifestyle who work-out regularly and are prone to muscle injuries.

Pressure-Point Relief: There are numerous pressure points in our body which when stimulated with targeted water-flows help the body release endorphins and relieve stress.

Improve Mental Health: Hydrotherapy helps better mental health through the reduction of anxiety and tension. Water therapy is effective in minimizing insomnia since it helps lower blood pressure, improves circulation, relaxes the mind, and prepares the body for a more restful sleep.


Chromotherapy is a natural therapeutic process that uses color to help the mind find a natural balance. Enjoying a color shower is much more than cleansing the body. The colorful rays radiate you, fusing the benefits of water with the properties of light and color. Warm colors such as yellow, orange or red are associated with energy, positivity, and happiness while cool colors such as green, blue or purple inspire reflection, self-examination, and calm.

Aquant Chromotherapy LED showers are large in size and the most premium in our range with multiple flow options. Feel the gentle touch of rain, the stimulating shoulder massage of a powerful waterfall, or the warm embrace that surrounds you with mist. A complete repertoire of sensations awaits you.

MRP Range: ₹ 1,10,000 – ₹ 1,30,000



The shower interpreted by Aquant is a haven of pleasure because of the senses it transmits, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. The technology applied to our showers presents showering with multiple functions such as Rain, Waterfall, and Mist while occupying minimal space on your bathroom ceiling.

One of our best-selling product categories, these concealed multi-function showers come in various sizes and flow options to suit any requirement or budget. The products meet what you need at any moment of the day – a quick morning shower, a relaxing evening shower, or an intense massage shower after a difficult day.

MRP Range: ₹ 13,500 – ₹ 65,000



Body Jets have a diameter of 2 inches and usually protrude outside walls. Since the water jets can be positioned individually and are adjustable, they can be targeted at specific muscle groups and pressure points of the body to soothe and massage specific areas, thus providing effective relief from muscle pain.

The smaller size of body jets and a limited number of nozzles allow water to flow with high pressure, thus administering a deep soothing massage. Some Body Jets in our portfolio boast flow options such as normal, massage, and mist.

This category also includes Body Showers, which have a larger diameter of 4 inches and deliver a higher volume of water to create an invigorating hydrotherapy experience. Body Showers are usually flushed to the wall and can be adjusted. Body Showers provide a much softer massage compared to Body Jets and are recommended for daily showering.

MRP Range: ₹ 1,800 – ₹ 4,250



Aquant Waterfall Showers create a showering experience similar to standing under a curved waterfall, allowing a wide stream of water to flow, warming and soothing the entire body for long-lasting relaxation.

Waterfall showers can be added to configurations where the ceiling shower lacks a waterfall flow option. These showers target muscle groups such as the neck and shoulders which cannot be reached by body sprays.

Our portfolio has waterfall showers with sizes going up to 12 inches.

MRP Range: ₹ 6,000 – ₹ 19,000



The Aquant Shower System collection offers you a wide variety of products that will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments thanks to the revitalizing energy of water. You can customize and create your own bathroom spa by simply choosing the products you prefer and avail the benefits of Hydrotherapy from the comfort of your home.

Our passion for innovation and over a decade’s worth of experience understanding customer requirements has granted us the expertise to help Architects, Interior Designers, and Private Clients choose products for their shower areas which meet their requirement and budget.

MRP Range: ₹ 30,000 – ₹ 2,00,000 [Approx. Cost of Complete Shower Area]

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