Eden Thermostatic Shower Panel

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Eden Thermostatic Shower Panel.

-> Size: 1540 x 180 mm
-> 304-Grade Stainless Steel Body with Matt Metallic Finish.
-> Thermostatic Hot/Cold Water Mixing.
-> Functions: Rain, Waterfall, Body Jets, Button-Spout with Hand Shower.
-> Flexibility to operate all functions simultaneously.
Category: Shower Panels
Eden Thermostatic Shower Panel.

Fantastic advances in shower design and function provide the catalyst for our Shower Panels. Each shower panel has up to four functions: Rain, Waterfall, Body Jets, & Button-Spout with Hand-Shower Connection. You may enjoy the pleasure of the combined use of two or more functions since all functions can be operated individually as well as simultaneously.

Eden, made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel has a unique irregular-grain Matt Metallic finish. Thanks to innovative technology with Aquant Thermostatic Mixers, you can enjoy water at a constant temperature, providing reliable protection against scorching hot surprises, offering comfort and safety to everyone, from the first to the last drop.

-> Functions:

  • Rain: Feel the gentle touch of Rain with this flow, perfect for your daily bathing needs.

  • Waterfall: This flow creates a showering experience similar to standing under a curved waterfall, allowing a wide stream of water to flow, warming and soothing the entire body for long-lasting relaxation. Ideal for an invigorating shoulder massage.

  • Body Jets: Body Jets can be targeted at specific muscle groups and pressure points of the body to soothe and massage specific areas, thus providing effective relief from muscle pain. The smaller size of body jets and a limited number of nozzles allow water to flow with high pressure, thus administering a deep soothing massage.

  • Button-Spout with Hand Shower: This Shower Panel has a compact spout with angular water discharge and has a Diverter Button for Handshower connection.

-> Wall-Mounted Installation

  • Size: 1540 x 180 mm

  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel Body with Matt Metallic Finish.

  • Easy Plug-&-Play Installation, just connect your Hot & Cold Lines.

  • Flexibility to operate all functions simultaneously.

  • Vernet Thermostatic Cartridge: A life-time of maintenance-free operation is ensured by Vernet Cartridges made in France, which allow maintaining constant temperatures with a tolerance of no more than 1° C. Vernet cartridges surpass conventional durability standards to withstand the toughest conditions.

  • Easy Maintenance:
    Limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles are easy to remove thanks to the 'Rub-it Clean' technology. A slight rub is all that is needed to make the spray pattern perfect again.

This product comes with a 10-Year Warranty

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-> Care & Maintenance Guide



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