Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet with Slim UF Seat Cover

Item MRP: 39000
Item Code: 1837CB - Leather Black

Wall-Hung Toilet in Special Finish.
Slim UF Seat Cover.

Size: 490 x 370 x 370 mm
Finish: Leather Finish Black
Category: Special-Finish Toilets


Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet with Slim UF Seat Cover.

-> Dimensions: 490 x 370 x 370 mm

-> Finish: Leather Finish Black:

The lavish ‘Leather’ finish is inspired by the texture of luxurious crocodile-finish luxury lifestyle items. The addition of the texture on Black Ceramic adds an elegant element to the collection. The overall glossy finish of these best-selling washbasins and toilets make them very easy to maintain.


-> Blind Installation:

Blind Installation is a unique hidden fixation system for Wall-Hung Toilets which leaves the side-walls of the WC without any fixing holes. This not only makes the toilet design aesthetically pleasing but also makes the toilet easy to maintain since the entire exterior is completely seamless and smooth.

-> 'Rimless' Design:

A ‘Rimless’ toilet design effectively prevents dirt and deposits from accumulating inside the toilet bowl. Since the toilet has no rims, there are no hidden cavities where dirt can gather. This makes the inner surface much easier to clean compared to a conventional toilet.

-> Slim UF Toilet Seat:

Compared to conventional PP (Polypropylene) seat covers, UF (Urea-Formaldehyde) seat covers are high quality and scratch-resistant. UF seat covers are easy to clean and do not lose their shine even after years of use. The latest trend in Toilet design is 'Slim' seat covers.

-> Quick-Release SS Hinges:

All Aquant UF seat covers have a ‘Quick-Release‘ function and can easily be detached and reattached, which makes the process of deep cleaning the toilet very easy.

-> 'Soft-Close' Toilet Seat:

All Aquant toilet seats are ‘Soft-Close‘, a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats. Soft-Close toilet seats are a must for households with small children, allowing them to use the toilet with ease without the risk of fingers getting trapped by a heavy seat.


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Care & Warranty

This product carries a 10-Year Warranty on Ceramic Quality and a 3-Year Warranty on Finish Quality.

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